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At Storybank Films, we collect time. We flock nuances seamlessly into a whole. We travel around the world to gather perspectives. We do all it takes, to resonate life, into stories. Be it a mother’s lullaby, a travelogue that differentiates a traveler from a tourist, or a personal diary that captures every vivid detail of one’s life, we stock and lift from everywhere. We try to preserve the original character of these stories. And then, with utmost honesty, we capture them on celluloid, in a hope to immortalize their spirit, forever.


what we do

As a company, our primary focus is motion pictures. We work on fiction projects, television commercials, viral videos, corporate films, and documentaries, spanning across all genres and budgets. The idea is to tailor-cut films as per individual requirements of each client as well as the requisites of the content being churned out. Be it the corporate know how of your business, a luring campaign of your product, the chronicle of a remote village, or a simple narrative of a heart- felt memory, we intend to do it all.


conceptualizing and

While an idea and origin form the crux of a story, an audience is built by its craft. At story bank films, we meticulously work towards finding the best way to tell a story. We have a team of dedicated writers who draft and redraft a script until you think it is shoot ready.


casting and

Scouting locations, scheduling shoots, casting actors. Designing sets that are as authentic as attractive, getting equipment that best suits the vision and managing a nebula of things that are never set in stone. We are an efficient team that thinks laterally and respects deadlines, and we make sure that if a film has come to us, it gets a go on the floors.

direction and

The transition from script to screen is the most significant process while making a film. Each frame of a film says a story. It takes a lot to put that frame right. And much more to repeat this process 24 times per second (well 25 in case of an ad-film). We understand this course and strive hard to maintain coherence between what’s written and what one eventually sees.


editing and
post production.

It is the final touches that add shine to a raw material. And this is true even if yours in an intentional rawness. We have a set of musicians who breathe life into your film, proficient editors who know exactly how to patch your film right, and a lot of friends who save their objectivity to come to a film’s rescue. Our aim rests in helping you weave a charming story.

animation and

Illustrating your brand story, your corporate agendas, your in-company communication, or just your service offerings has become a cultural norm. Have these ideas moving on the screen, and you will have everyone's attention. Our job is to set these illustrations in the right motion so that you are able to create the impact you set out to .


Catering to all kinds of production requirements, collectively and individually, begining from lights, camers, vanities and generators, to technicians exceling in operations for the same, we fill in all the gaps of creating interesting audio-visuals right from scratch.



Image by Soroush Karimi

what people say

It was fun to work with Storybank. They are a dream team to work with, sincere and dedicated. I look forward to collaborating with them on various other interesting projects in the time to come.

—  Nisha Sujan Malik,

Founder, NSM Productions




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